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We invented the balloon inflator market in 1960, and today we’re still the only choice for exceptional quality and service. We proudly supply the world with American-made industrial components, extruded & molded accessories, and custom solutions that power the balloon industry and beyond.

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Balloon Inflators

Our flagship product line, PremiumConwin Inflators & Regulators allow end-users to inflate balloons and more with virtually any gas – for virtually any application.

Cylinders & Portable Helium

We offer a wide variety of standard and customized helium containment solutions for fixed operation, easy in-store field use, and custom applications.

Balloon Accessories

Unleash your creativity and efficiency with a fully stocked and easy-to-order product line of cups, sticks, weights, grip strips, specialty tape, and more.

Safety Equipment

PremiumConwin’s transport, refill, and anchoring equipment are must-haves to ensure safety and regulatory compliance.

In-Store Retail Solutions

Safe, scalable, and designed to maximize revenue potential & helium savings, PremiumConwin has everything you need for your retail balloon program.

Replacement Parts

Our full line of accessories and replacement parts enables artists and installers to bring designs to life professionally, efficiently, and with confidence in quality.

Hoses & Fittings

A complete solution for all transport line needs. High- & low-pressure systems, short & long runs, configurable manifolds, switchovers, trans fills, and more.

Automotive Regulators

The ideal solution for any pneumatic system in or under your car.

Custom Solutions

Looking for something else? We create unique custom solutions for clients across various industries. If your solution involves regulating or managing any type of gas flow, we can help.

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