8-gram Balloon Weights

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Used with 18˝ foil helium-filled balloons.
Four fun designs available in either assorted primary, pastel or neon. Also available in pink and red hearts.

Assorted Primary Colors, 4 shapes
Assorted Pastel Colors, 4 shapes
Assorted Neon Colors, 4 shapes
Red and White Hearts


8-gram Assorted Primary, Pastel & Neon 8-gram Balloon Weights
91005 Assorted Primary Shapes – Also In Bio Material 24/100
91011 Assorted Pastel Shapes 24/100
91012 Assorted Neon Shapes 24/100
Bio 8-gram Assorted Balloon Weights
91005Bio 8-gram Assorted Shapes 24/100
Bio 8-gram Heart Balloon Weights
91013Bio 8-gram Hearts 24/100