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The cups you’ve come to know and love… but elegantly made with patented PENKA® PolyAgave® technology to be the world’s most eco-friendly balloon cups.  

Made from agave and biodegradable within 1-4 years, our unique BioCups  

  • Reduce CO2 emissions 
  • Reduce Petroleum consumption 
  • Are made from all-natural agave byproducts 
  • Are BPA free 
  • Are 100% recyclable

Every ton of BioCups manufactured helps:

  • Reduce the consumption of almost 40 gallons of petroleum 
  • Avoid almost 700 lbs. of CO2 emissions into the environment 
  • Re-use more than 6,600 lbs. of agave 
  • Generate a 100% recyclable material

So you can feel even better about creating your art.  



Available in all standard sizes. 

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93009Bio MaxiCup II (MCX II 20/25)
93031Bio Mini Micro II Cup (35/100MM2WHT)
93032Bio Mini Micro II Cup  (24/144MM2WHT)
93033Bio Mini Micro II Cup Bulk (3600MM2WHT)
93001Bio Cello Cup (35/100CC)
93034Bio Cello Cup (24/144CC)
93035Bio Cello Cup Bulk (3600CC)
93036Bio Standard Balloon Cup (MCSC)
93037Bio Standard Balloon Cup (MCSG)
93038Bio Standard Balloon Cup Bulk (MCSB)
93008Bio Micro Cup (MCRC)
93050Bio Micro Cup (MCRG)
93051Bio Micro Cup Bulk (MCRB)