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The shapes, sizes, and weights you’ve come to know and love… but elegantly made with patented PENKA® PolyAgave® technology to be the world’s most eco-friendly balloon weights.  

Made from agave and biodegradable within 1-4 years, our unique BioWeights  

  • Reduce CO2 emissions 
  • Reduce Petroleum consumption 
  • Are made from all-natural agave byproducts 
  • Are BPA free 
  • Are 100% recyclable

Every ton of BioWeights manufactured helps:

  • Reduce the consumption of almost 40 gallons of petroleum 
  • Avoid almost 700 lbs. of CO2 emissions into the environment 
  • Re-use more than 6,600 lbs. of agave 
  • Generate a 100% recyclable material

So you can feel even better about creating your art.



Available in all standard sizes, weights, and shapes  

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91005Bio 8-gram Assorted Shapes (DSB  A  24/100)
91013Bio 8-gram Hearts (DSBH RP 24/100)
92010Bio 8-gram Smile Face With 6′ Ribbon (PRW 20/50 HK)
92034Bio 8-gram Heart With Hook & 6′ Ribbon (PRWH20/50 HK2R)
91009Bio 48-gram Lightweight Insert  (LWI 25/10)
91024Bio 22-gram Superlightweight Insert (SLWI 50/10)
91003Bio 8-gram Clip-N-Weight  (CNW A 10/100)
91015Bio 8-gram Clip-N-Weight With Ribbon & Tape Tab (CNWR A 10/100)
92021Bio 16-gram Clip-N-Spool (CNS16C 10/50)
92022Bio 16-gram Stack-N-Weight
92003Bio 16-gram Clip-N-Weight (CNW16 A 10/50)
92015Bio 16-gram Clip-N-Weight With Ribbon & Tapetab (CNWR16 A 10/50)
92017Bio 16 Gram Weights Assorted Shapes (DSB167-A20/50)
92004Bio 30-gram Clip-N-Weight (CNW30 C 10/25)
92001Bio 30-gram Clip-N-Spool (CNS30 C 10/25)
92024Bio 35-gram Weight (MW35 A 25/10)
92026Bio 45-gram Clip-N-Weight (CNW45C 10/25)
92002Bio 45-gram Clip-N-Spool (CNS45C 10/25)
92027Bio 60-gram Light Heavy Weights (MW65 A 25/10)
92028Bio 60-gram Light Heavy Weights Hearts (MW65REDH25/10)
92031Bio 80-gram Heavy Weight Assorted Balloons, Flowers, and Gift Tags
92006Bio 80-gram Heavy Weight Hearts (HW H AST 20/10)
 92007Bio 80-gram Heavy Weight Smile(HW S AST 20/10)
92008Bio 80-gram Heavy Weight Stars (HW ST AST 20/10)
92033Bio 80-gram Clip-N-Heavy Weight (CNHWR A 10/10)