Classic Auto-Fill Foil Inflator


Great for Ad Specialty & Retail Accounts!

Never pop a foil balloon again! Automatically fills all size foil balloons to correct pressure and size. The foil inflating outlet points downward to allow for fast one-hand inflation of valved foil balloons. Easily connects to the cylinder with a hand-tight connection.

With Conwin’s Auto-Fill Foil Outlets costly foil balloon breakage is eliminated and maximum flying time is assured.

Automatically Inflates Foil Balloons
Place the neck of the foil onto the Auto-Fill Foil Outlet to begin inflating. Automatically inflates foils to the correct pressure and size.


Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 4 in

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The Classic Auto-Fill Foil Inflator Includes:
  • 1 Auto-Fill Foil Outlet
  • 1 Pressure Gauge (models available with or without gauge)
  • 1 Ribbon Cutter
Auto-Fill Foil Outlet
Automatically fills all size foil balloons to the correct pressure and size.

Pressure Gauge
Measures how much helium is in the cylinder and enables user to calculate the number of balloons that can be inflated.

Ribbon Cutter
Designed with a concealed blade for user protection.

Hand-Tight Connection
Attaches to the cylinder without the use of a wrench.

Flo-Loc® Safety Shut-off
This Conwin exclusive safety feature automatically activates if the inflator is damaged while under pressure, reducing the flow of helium to a safe level.
For Use With: Helium, Nitrogen

Manually inflates all sizes foil balloons to the correct pressure and size.

Recommended for:
  • Beginners, Rentals
  • Ad Specialty
Recommended Balloons and Sizes:
All foil sizes