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Pre-wound ribbon and tape tab for fast assembly to the foil balloon when merchandising!

  • Ribbon can be let out to a desired length, great for checkout
  • Attaches anywhere to display balloons without special costly
  • Use to clip multiple helium-filled balloons together for safe transport.
  • Available in diamond clear.
  • Ideal for helium-filled 22˝ to 26˝ foil balloons.

After the Balloon/Additional uses.

  • Clip-N-Weights® are designed to work as clips to help seal chip bags, cereal bags or frozen veggies!
  • Clothes Pegs, and keep Christmas/Party decorations in place all without damaging anything!


16-gram Clear Clip-N-Spool
92021 Clip-N-Spool 16 Gram Clear (CNS16C 10/50)
Bio 16-gram Clip-N-Spool
92021Bio 16-gram Clip-N-Spool (CNS16C 10/50)
30-gram Clear Clip-N-Spool
92001 Clip-N-Spool 30 Gram Clear (CNS30 C 10/25)
Bio 30-gram Clip-N-Spool
92001Bio 30-gram Clip-N-Spool (CNS30 C 10/25)
45-gram Clear Clip-N-Spool
92002 Clip-N-Spool 45 G. Clear (CNS45C 10/25)
Bio 45-gram Clip-N-Spool
92002Bio 45-gram Clip-N-Spool (CNS45C 10/25)