Digital Inflator 10ft Extension Hose Outlet


Work up to 10ft Away from Your Digital Inflator!

The Digital Inflator 10ft Extension Hose snaps on to the back of the Dual Split-Second Sizer or Duplicator 2 and allows you to inflate up to 10ft away. Choose between 5 different snap-on outlets to meet the need of any job while in the store or on-site.

Inflator and Snap-on Outlets sold separately.


Dimension: 9 × 6 × 3 in

Weight: 1 lbs

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The Digital Inflator 10ft Extension Hose Includes:
  • 10ft Extension Hose with Quick-Disconnect Fitting (Snap-On Outlets Sold Separately.)
Extension Hose
Gives you the ability to move up to 10ft away from your digital inflator and allows two workers to inflate balloons at the same time.
Easy to Use Snap-On Outlets
From the Snap-On Bubble Outlet to the 60/40 Helium/Air Outlet, there is a snap-on outlet to meet the needs of any store owner or decorator.
For Use With: Dual Split-Second Sizer and Duplicator 2

  • Connects to Conwin’s digital balloon inflators
  • Allows users the flexibility to use snap-on outlets on a digital inflator
Recommended For:
  • Decorators, Retail Shops, Florists