Dual-Air® II


Economical workhorse. Dual nozzle inflator for fast, efficient inflation for latex and foil balloons.

  • Single nozzle inflation of foils using Premium’s unique nozzle design. Will not over-inflate foils!

  • Includes two sets of reducers; 1-foil nozzle, and 5-smaller latex nozzles.

  • We strongly recommend using the momentary inflation button located behind the right nozzle to keep inflation air cooler. If using the continuous inflation button, located in the top center of the machine, overheating may occur.

SKU 98028 D-AIR II 120V

SKU 98029 D-AIR II 230V EU+UK


Weight: 4 lb / 1.81 kg

Inflation Outlets 2
Large Latex


  Instruction sheet


Dual-Air® II Include:
  • 2 inflation outlets
  • 5 nozzles for 5” balloons
  • 1 nozzle for foil balloons
  • power cord
  • Large on/off button next to nozzle for simple and speedy on/off operation
  • Carrying bag
Dual-nozzle inflator for inflation of one or two latex balloons at a time.
Specially designed nozzle to not overinflate foil balloons.
Push down activation on/off switch
Recommended decor:
  • Balloon canopies
  • Balloon retail sales
  • Air-filled balloon sculptures
  • Foil balloon sculptures
Recommended balloons and sizes:
Non-round latex: 350, 360, 646, 660
Round latex: 5″, 9″, 11″, 14″, 16″, 18″, 24″, 3′
Bubbles and Orbz