Helium / Nitrogen Quick Switch™

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From Helium to Nitrogen with Just a Flip of a Switch!

The He/N2 Quick Switch snaps on to the back of a Dual Split-Second Sizer or Duplicator 2 with a quick-disconnect fitting. Easily switch from Helium to Nitrogen by turning the switch-over knob. Prevents wasted time from having to remove supply hoses when needing to alternate between cylinders. A great tool for jobs that require helium and nitrogen filled decor. Also works with an air compressor. Air Compressor Hook-Up Hose sold separately.

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Weight: 4 lbs
Dimensions: 12 × 12 × 4  in

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The Helium / Nitrogen Quick Switch Includes:
  • Quick Switch with Disconnect Fittings
  • 1 Primary Regulator & Supply Hose
Easy To Use Quick Disconnect Fittings
The Quick Switch connect to the digital inflator with just a snap and can be removed by simply sliding the brass sleeve on the quick disconnect fitting downward.

Helium & Nitrogen at Your Fingertips
By having one supply hose connected to the helium cylinder and the second supply hose connected to the nitrogen cylinder, you can helium-inflate a bouquet of balloons and quickly switch to inflate nitrogen-filled balloons for a column. All without having to disconnect the supply hoses from the cylinders.

Can be Used With an Air Compressor
Connect Conwin’s Air Compressor Hook-Up Hose in place of the nitrogen supply hose to quickly switch from helium to air. Air Compressor required for this option. Conwin’s Air Compressor Hook-Up Hose sold separately.
For Use With: Dual Split-Second Sizer and Duplicator 2

  • Connects to Conwin’s digital balloon inflators
  • Allows users the versatility to change from one gas to another without having to disconnect from cylinders
Recommended For:
  • Decorators