MaxiCup® II and MaxiStick® II


Unique balloon holder for supporting large, 18˝ to 28˝ foil, latex & shaped balloons.
The MaxiCup® II has our large Oval-Shaped cup for better support to better unitize the balloon to the cup.
The MaxiStick® II is made from a very special, high-impact, engineering grade material for maximum strength, rigidity, and support.
No glue needed when used with MaxiCup® II and MaxiBase™ II.
Packaged 20 bags of 25 cups or sticks.


MaxiCup II

93009 MaxiCup II (MCX II 20/25) – Available In Bio Material

Bio MaxiCup II

93009Bio MaxiCup II (MCX II 20/25)

MaxiStick II

93004 MaxiStick II (BSX20” 20/25) – Available In Bio Material

Bio MaxiStick II

93004Bio MaxiStick II (BSX20” 20/25)