Snap-On Trigger Valve Outlet


The Trigger Valve Outlet snaps on to Conwin’s 10ft Extension Hose Inflators, enabling you to manually speed inflate foils without damaging the foil valve. The blue cone on the inflation tip can be adjusted to seat the neck of any size latex balloon; ensuring gas does not escape while inflating. Also works well with Conwin’s Insider Balloon Stuffing Tool. 10ft Extension Hose Inflator not included.

Manually Inflates Latex and Foil Balloons
Slide the balloon onto the long extension tip and begin inflating with trigger control. The Trigger Valve Outlet is great for speed inflating foils as the extension tip bypasses the internal balloon valve. For best results, inflate foil balloons as slowly as possible and remove the balloon from the outlet while there are still wrinkles along the seam line.

Quickly Change From one Snap-On Outlet to the Next
To remove the outlet, slide the brass sleeve on the quick disconnect fitting.


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 2 in

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The Snap-On Trigger Valve Outlet Includes:
– 1 Trigger Valve Outlet with Quick Disconnect Fitting
Trigger Valve Outlet
Gives users the ability to manually inflate both latex and foil balloons with trigger control..

Snap-On Quick Disconnect Fitting
This versatile feature allows you to quickly switch between any of Conwin’s snap-on outlets fast and efficiently.
For Use With:
Conwin’s 10ft Extension Hose Inflator and Digital Inflator 10ft Extension Hose

Manually Inflates Latex and Foil Balloons

Recommended For:
Beginners, Decorators, Retail Shops, Florists

Recommended Balloons and Sizes:
  • Non-Round Latex: 260s, 321s, 350s, 360s, 646s, 660s, GEO Blossoms®, Geo Donuts®, Hearts, Bubbles®, Deco Bubbles®
  • Round Latex: 5″, 9″, 11″, 14″, 16″, 18″, 24″, 3ft, 6″ & 12″ LINK-O-LOONS®
  • All Size Foils Balloons