Insider Balloon Stuffing Tool™ Kit for Dual Sizer™ & Duplicator 2™


The Fast and Easy Way to Stuff Large Balloons with Smaller Balloons!

The Insider Balloon Stuffing Tool is an accessory item for use with Conwin’s Dual Split-Second Sizer and Duplicator 2. This fast and easy-to-use tool efficiently fills large balloons with the maximum number of small balloons. The Insider Tool requires an air machine to inflate the large outer balloon.



Weight: 3 lbs
Dimensions: 12 × 12 × 4 in

  Instruction sheet


Insider Balloon Stuffing Tool™ Kit ncludes:
  • 1 Inflation Tool
  • 1 Balloon Holding Tool
  • 1 Clamp
  • 1 Air Hose
  • Instruction Sheet